Friday, June 29, 2007

Staring into the eyes of poverty

Jakarta houses the richest and the poorest people of this country. Everyday, I always have a brush with the least fortunate ones. I can't comprehend how a country like this whose resources are just so immense have people who hardly have anything on their plates.

I pass this over pass everyday on my way to the office and every Tuesday I see this old man who seems so weak already but he tries to clean the over pass every Tuesday. Imagine, how a man with twisted feet walks in that over pass to clean. It crushes my heart. How I wish there is more to life than just a little help for this man. How can change happen when only a few has the desire to change the world.

How can a man who has Rp5,000 eat three decent meals in Jakarta? I wonder where the heart of most people are nowadays. With that I can only buy 5 packs of instant noodles. After having one, you will not be so enthusiastic about taking another one. So they probably choose to have "gorengan" instead.

Poverty drives people to do something bad. It also kills the values people once uphold. But is there really a solution to this? How can we, in our own little way alleviate poverty? Everyone is crying for more, craving and wanting more in life. If we can just stop awhile and stare at poverty in its eyes then perhaps we will realize how blessed we are to have a roof over our head and we are eating 3 times a day. Is this not enough? How about you? When will you know that something is enough for you?