Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Yesterday brought the beginning, tomorrow brings the end, and somewhere in the middle we became the best of friends. ~Author Unknown

For the past few days this kept bugging me coz everyone around me seems to have a common concept about "best friend." A kid from church told me she has several best friends. And not only that even the adults I’ve met in this lifetime they all share the same concept that one can have several best friends. How is that possible?

When I was a kid one of my favorite subject is Language. Going to school where we were taught to be critical and objective has been a blessing to me in a lot of ways. Ms. Myrna Labisig was the name of my English teacher. She's tough as a teacher but outside the classroom she can be a good friend. Learning language with her was a fun experience for me because I dread those times when I was called to stand in class and say a phrase or a word until it's perfect. So I had to put extra effort to do good in her class. Now what is the relationship of my teacher to best friends? Simple, I just want to share with you what I've learned from my teacher.

In the comparison of adjectives we have the comparative and superlative degree. So when we use the adjective "best" it only means you are using the superlative degree of comparison. Which goes to show that if you compare things there will and should only be one that stays on the top. That is why you call it "best". With this premise, I would like to impart my stand about having only one best friend. In this lifetime we meet a lot of people and in one way or another touched our lives. There are those who fall under your acquaintances, there are judiends and there are friends as well and there will only be one best friend. When you give that title to someone it means that, that person stands out in your pool of friends.

My best friend, well she's the best for me. I know everyone has their own standards for their best friend and I have mine too. I am just grateful I have her in my life because she has been that one person who sees the best and worst in me yet she remained steadfast in believing that we are the best of friends. We are not best friends because we need something from one another. We are the best of friends by choice... in our journey thru life we will find someone who will complements us. You don't have to have reasons for making someone your best friend because your heart will just tell you that, that certain someone is your best friend.

Please don't get me wrong for I have a few close friends too, I hope they won't be offended by my idea which I’m sure they won't. In this life we will meet thousands of people who can and will make a difference in our lives but once we find those we can call our own we ought to nurture them because we won't stumble upon another creature who will exactly be the kind of treasure they've been to us. To my true friends, I'm sure you know you are... I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the kind of friends you've always been to me. I couldn't ask far more. And oh before I forget, just let me play with the kids ok? I will borrow them one of these days. But let me take them out one at a time coz I can't handle more than 1.

To all my friends… saya cinta kamu!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Chocolates and Big O!

When was the last time I was out? Has it been ages or what? I guess I ought to find ways to interact with the world again. I've been missing out on the accessories in life. Last Friday was a rainy day in this part of the world. But my colleague and I were oblige to meet with the marketing fellows of some the the companies here in Jakarta. It was a long and tiring trip from Sudirman to Pondok Indah Mall and the traffic was really so bad. When we got there we were not in the mood to do the whole thing but when we saw everyone, well things turned a bit brighter for us.

My colleague had to forced himself to make a presentation to the group about what business we are into here in Jakarta. Everyone was intent in understanding what he has to say and I'm just glad we are able to set meetings for other more serious stuffs.

Dinner at Outback will always be a joy in my heart because the staff are really very courteous and there is this one girl who makes me feel important because she remembers my name.

When we were having our dinner everyone was quietly enjoying the meals they ordered because everyone was starving already. After the sumptuous dinner everyone started conversing with each other in their quest to get to know one another better. My colleague and I just watch in amazement how fast they talk and my colleague didn't understand a darn thing they were saying at that time but he mustered to plaster a smile in his face. I understand a conversational bahasa already so I understand a bit of the gossips they were sharing with each other.

Then we had dessert. They all had ice cream with chocolate syrup whipped all over their ice creams and since I'm not a fan of chocolate I had to request that I be given just a plain vanilla ice cream. They all started asking me why I don't like chocolate... I told them that I am not an avid fan of dark colors and since chocolate is dark I just don't like it. Then my Indonesian friend said that there are only 2 great things that can happen to a woman and that is chocolate and big O. Everyone started laughing and I was told I miss one-half of my life coz I don't like chocolates. Never did it cross my minds that Indonesians are also liberated. I always had that notion that they are of the conservative type. They enjoyed discussing how chocolates can help women get better and greater Os. Then they all started making those sounds and started asking us how do Pinoys refer to big Os. We all had a good laugh because now they have learned a new vocabulary from the Pinoy 60's "ikapitong _____".

That night was the start of a monthly thing for the Jakarta Marketers. I am just wondering what our next topic will be because the next time we meet we are suppose to have a dress code. Everyone should wear anything with chocolate colors and when we see each other the greeting should be a really icky "aaahhh"... Sometimes, it is always good to go out with people from different walks of life because you can have a better appreciation of how life should be. Now, I don't know if I'll ever get to appreciate good chocolates ever but one thing is sure, I had a good laugh with my new Indonesian friends who taught me their views about chocolates. :-)

Saturday, November 12, 2005


A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on. ~Carl Sandburg

Today I spent a couple of hours organizing pictures of these tiny creatures that came to into the lives of my really good friends. I am all smiles because they have angelic faces. Before I envy people because I don't have a god child and everyone around me seems to have a whole bunch of these kids.

Now I have a whole bunch of blessings. My first god child is Macky. My 2nd god child is Aaron. The 3rd is Jamie, the 4th is Luke, the 5th is Stephen, the 6th is Denise, the 7th is Bennett and the 8th is Chloe. Geez! Not that I'm complaining but I guess this should stop somewhere. I might not be able to remember all their names and I want to take my role rather seriously. But how am I supposed to be a good god parent when I'm like oceans and continents apart from these kids. I don't want to be the typical god parent who showers their "ina-anak" with gifts because really that is not even the reason why one is given that kind of responsibility. How can one be better at this role then? Well, I don't know just yet but I suppose I can learn from those wise people out there who take on this kind of role at the whole new level.

So I you have any ideas out there please share it with me. I'm a novice willing to learn the many facets of being a responsible god parent. :-)