Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A typical rainy day in Jakarta

Yesterday, my colleague and I went around Cawang area to scout for a house for one of the instructors for the training center and while we were doing our rounds the rain poured.
The flooding is a manifestation of the poor drainage system in this country. Imagine this is only about 15 minutes of rain. Can you picture in your heads what happened to Jakarta when it rained here for several days last February? Several areas where submerged in flood water.
It is my earnest hope that everyone will start cleaning their own backyards. Stop throwing garbage just anywhere. A small effort of throwing your trash in the right place will go a long long way for mother earth. This is our planet, we have to contribute in making this a better place to live in.


my gulch said...

wow. pinas na pinas talaga ang jakarta, pati pagbaha parehas na parehas. dito naman sa atin, super sa init. sa gensan umabot na ng almost 40 degree Celcius ang init. may ilang na-ospital at namatay dahil sa heat stroke. sa manila ngayon medyo hindi na kasing init ng dati pero super init pa rin. lalo sa gabi.