Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Bum

I’ve never imagine that one can actually be content being idle for a long period of time, until I met Mr. Bum. This is the one person I met who tends to shy away from the world. He locks himself up in his room and spends the rest of the day dreaming about the girl he fancies. He is waiting for the day when she will come and rescue him from his drab and bleak life. He said he wants to spend the rest of his life with that girl.

What a pity! Just imagine what will happen to the girl if they end up being together? Not that I am trying to put down Mr. Bum, but like hello! Shouldn’t he be doing something about changing his stars and not just be content of what was given to him? I remember the story of the master who left different talents to his servants. The two invested their talents so when the master came back he was pleased with the 2 servants while the 3rd one buried the talent in the ground. So the master got mad and took away everything from him and he was thrown out of the master’s place.

I’m sure no one chose to be poor. But that is just a phase in a person’s life. If one would choose to rise above the situation, I believe things will be better for that person. I’m sure God gave each and everyone one of us a talent, we need to use it so that when the Master comes back we can be proud to show him that we’ve been good stewards.

Mr. Bum, stop complaining about how life is treating you. Stop being such a pessimist. Change is constant in life so if you learn how to go along with change you won’t find yourself losing at the end of the journey. Don’t wait for someone to save you from your miserable state. Rise and fight a good fight!


mitch said...

Mr. Bum might experiencing a crisis whether it is psychological or existential. pyschological in the sense that he is in the state of denial, delusional or he might experienced a repressed emotion sometime. or existential, finding no meaning in life. It is sometimes healthy to undergo "hybernation", live in idleness for a long time. Sometimes it's difficult to determine if such 'idleness" is really unproductive because there is no such work being done. If this is the case, Jesus Christ did also underwent idleness for 40 days and 40 nights - as in no work at all. But his energy was focused in meditation and contemplation. Some people just sit, locked themselves in their room as they are doing nothing. But we have not sure that while they are in "idleness" they might undergo deep contemplation. it's certain that is has no monetary reward but it helps the person. Usually, this sort of activity is being done by people who underwent difficult times like experiencing trauma, stress emotionally and mentally. So they need to take some form of solitude. about the talent, if only Filipinos used their talent, they should not be working in an alien land, experiencing loneliness and alienation. They must be now building their country but sadly this is not the case.