Friday, January 13, 2006


Last January 1 I went to the airport to see some friends off as they embark for Japan. Just a quick glimpse at this little kid and holding him in my arms made me realize that really as fast as the days are passing me by, then the wait will never be long.

Last January 4, I saw another friend off as she left for China. She didn't like the idea of seeing us before she left but I told her, I will feel sad if I didn't see her off.

Whoever said parting ways is easy? It never was and never will be but I gain comfort in the thought that whatever oceans or continents that separate me from my family and friends, those things will never hamper me from being a friend for them in every little way I can.

Separation is inevitable. It happens to everyone; it's just a matter of coming to terms with life’s realities. That no matter how we hold on to someone, there will always come a point in our lives when they will leave us behind and we have to let them go with open arms. That is the true essence of loving.

They may not leave us physically but somehow people can distance themselves from us. They say the only constant thing in life is change so we have to ride with it. Was it just yesterday when I spent most of my times hanging out with my girlfriends as we explored life and found how wonderful it was to be free. Now everyone is settling down and starting a family. I can't drag them out of their houses to travel and just see places. The reply would be, "I can't go coz baby needs me" or "I can't stay late because baby is waiting for me." I know this is just a phase in our lives I have to get used to. I don't feel bad at all because I've come to terms with the changes that around me. I'm happy that our family has gotten bigger and I'm happy to note that no matter how many changes happen in our lives my friends and I will be the kind of friends we've always been to each other. The simple joys in life come from knowing that come hell and high waters we have friends who will be there through and through.


ako lang said...

para sa akin, andyan lang ang reyalidad ng buhay. kanya-kanyang paraan sa pagharap o pagtanggap. kanya-kanyang diskarte, kanya-kanyang coping mechanism ika nga. minsan, saving grace din yung i-spare mo minsan ang sarili mo sa sakit, para sa susunod na umatake uli ng matindi ang buhay, meron kang reserba. :)

TM tots said...

tama ka na iba't-iba tayo ng paraan sa pagharap at pagtanggap sa mga pangyayari sa ating buhay. Napagtanto ko na sa ganitong mga pagkakaiba ay nadudugtungan natin ang patuloy na kwento sa pag-inog ng mundo na ating ginagalawan.

Kung sakaling darating ang panahon na mangangailangan ako ng reserba, alam ko kung saan ako huhugot ng panibagong sigla upang aking mapagtagumpayan ang mga hamon ng buhay. Swerte ko talaga at kaibigan kita :)